👨🏾‍💻 Leroy Rosales

I'm just a nerd that likes punk.



See hi-fi prototype

Site live date in Summer 2018.

Neumos is described as a "midsize venue for indie rock, plus hip-hop, country & other genres, with 3 bars & a mezzanine" based out of Seattle. While I myself have never been there, it was a lot of fun getting to build this site (again with the talented Laurel of Recspec) for a cool spot.

The site itself is built upon a framework created by Eventbrite, meaning while it was built in WordPress the only access available was the theme files itself. This means all custom functionality would have to be built into the theme and not provided by any sort of plugin. Overall, the end result was a fun site to put together.

Built with:

  • WordPress
  • Eventbrite custom WP framework